Hareem Membership

Join the first online membership programme for Muslim women who want to start their journey of unconditional love for themselves, so they can show up better at home, work & in front of Allah

Hareem Membership

Live workshops to boost emotional strength at home and work

Guided imagery relaxation experiences

Community building and networking

Daily wellness planning

Embracing intimacy anxiety

Learn how to show yourself unconditional love

Special guest contributors who are experts in their field

Parenting hacks for your family you wish your parents knew

Plus extra bonus content

All for just £27 per month!

I have had many conversations over the years with amazing women who recognised that they were in need of deep healing, and were serious about owning their healing. Some were at the start of their healing journey, but where not ready or able to financially invest in one-to-one therapy support. Other women have made a start on their healing journey, having already started and made some headway, but felt like they had lost direction along the way.

I get it; I totally empathise.  I remember the start of my own journey, how scary and  outright daunting it was to reach out; to confide in someone. I didn’t know where to turn or who to trust.  On the recommendation of a beautiful, sincere sister I  booked myself onto a group EFT programme, this felt doable to me, as the session wasn’t just focused on me;  it was an excellent start, no, it was life changing and I never looked back!

How would you feel if a female focused therapeutic  programme had been developed that met your needs and was accessible for YOU?

Well one has! The Hareem membership is an amazing, inclusive, and affordable online membership for women designed to support you daily, on your path to wellness. I’m a mum too, I know hard this can be…

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The Hareem Membership!

Do you feel :

  • Stressed or anxious?
  • Lonely and isolated?
  • Unhappy in your relationships?
  • Frustrated in the marital bedroom?
  • Inundated or swamped with 100’s of wellness experts on your timeline?
  • Confused, not knowing where to start?
  • Unsure who to trust?
  • Unable to afford high ticket therapies?
  • Like giving up?!

What if you could…

Join a membership for women that aims to nurture you gently (personal, professional & spiritual development) enabling you reclaim, rediscover, or experience personal joy in your home life, work life AND in your relationship with Allah ?

What if you could achieve more CLARITY, a better understanding of what’s bothering you the most, and how to start clearing the ‘emotional clutter’ you carry with you? ,

What if you could learn how to SHOW UP more MINDFULLY in your  intimate relationship with your husband, develop more CONFIDENCE, and embrace your emotions & inner feelings with more grace as a believing woman?

What if you could grow as a mother* and show up with more peace and presence for the children in your family?

What if you could RECEIVE THE SUPPORT you’ve always yearned for, via your membership of an intentional community?

*Mothers: not all women have given birth to their own children and some may not go on to do so, yet they are ‘mothers’, helping raise the young Ummah.

What is The Hareem Membership?

The Hareem Membership is a membership like no other; it is a safe space, a sanctuary for Muslim women where you can feel at ease to embrace who you are and where you’re at.  A place to start your healing journey, a space to embrace personal and spiritual development and learn how to become free from pain, shame & blame.

What goes on in there…?


Therapy spaces, workshops, personal development sessions and enlightening trainings delivered by female industry leaders (I can’t wait to announce them to you) on topics such as:

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Womb health & hormones
  • Sexuality & erotology
  • Body acceptance & nutrition
  • Establishing spiritual resilience
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Journaling with integrity
  • Parenting workshops & more

Each month, therapy spaces, workshops personal progression exercises, education & enlightenment trainings delivered from industry leaders with topics such as anxiety reduction, womb health & hormones, sexuality & erotology, body acceptance & nutrition, spiritual resilience, emotional intelligence, journaling with integrity and more…


Huge Savings via The Hareem Membership!

  • 1 Live session for personal development
    (Usual cost £30)
  • 1 Live session for professional development
    (Usual cost £30)
  • 1 LIVE Q&A with Aminah Jayne – tailored self-help & self-calming techniques for you
    (Usual cost £70)
  • Daily wellness planning
    (Usual cost £15)
  • Facebook group/whats app group for in real time discreet Q&A
    (Usual cost £99)
  • The Sanctuary: guided imagery experience
    (Usual cost £25)
  • 1 LIVE Coffee & connect online ‘Being The Village’
  • Special guest contributors & workshops
    (Usual cost £149)
  • LIVE ‘healing haven’ for presence in intimacy
    (Usual cost £35)

 The above is worth £453 per month

But I know all too well, this is not affordable for many women  – women that need to feel better fast … & want to explore a variety of therapeutic options before committing to ‘big ticket’ wellness programmes need a new resource; a small investment in themselves. 

Investment for your wellbeing is only

£27 a month! 


Sincere and consistent guidance, therapy and sisterhood for less than the cost of a takeaway meal.





Frequently Asked Questions

This membership will be suitable for you if you’re a busy woman who is ready to take a step towards true self-care (with consistency); especially if you find yourself stifled by all of the noise and conflicting advice on social media.

The membership will be great for you if you’re looking to try a range of methods to improve your emotional wellness, as you will be introduced to a variety of healing techniques that are practical and very easily implemented from day one!

This membership is founded on a holistic approach to healing.   It consists of non intrusive therapy circles, female centred workshops, demos & tools to implement at your convenience. It will give you access to  leading female wellness experts that specialise in modalities that will support you on your journey.

The Membership is a rolling subscription and you will get access to all the features via the dedicated membership portal on my website.

All live sessions will be conducted on Zoom with a discreet and annonymous Q&A box. Your dignity and privacy while seeking solutions is VERY important to me!

The membership is a monthly subscription, you can cancel at ANYTIME

The ‘Emotional Hygiene for home & work will be held at 8pm BST & will be available on replay. The monthly Q&A and Coffee & Connects event will be on zoom and available on the membership portal.

Once you sign up you will be emailed a login for the portal and the link for the Facebook group.

The Hareem is designed to support your emotional hygiene and maintenance. eg. anger management, embarrassing memories, physical aches & pains, apprehension regarding future appointments, engagements. You may have some big traumas from marriage or childhood etc The Hareem membership isn’t the right setting for that type of processing. Big traumas are best processed in a one to one setting.  The good news is that Hareem members receive a discounted rate session fee for  one one to one therapy with Aminah at Shifa Healing Co.

The Hareem membership is managed via the Facebook group / What’sApp group so direct messaging is not available. However, anonymous messaging is available during the Q&A live sessions. .

Take a look inside The Hareem…