About aminah

Aminah Jayne is a professional EFT & tapping therapist and successfully works with women around the globe releasing feelings of anxiety and negative self talk, allowing women to experience long lasting change so they can have inner peace, love who they are, and live a life they love as a mother, wife and business woman etc. 

Aminah Jayne went from working at a bakers shop on Saturdays for £2.06 an hour at 14, to a 10 year career in public service in a predominantly male environment, to running a global wellbeing service for women. She has beautifully combined her 10 years of experience in pastoral support & care in the community, with professional therapeutic support & educational support for women around the world.

You can now learn how she faced her own fears and anxieties, using a series of natural non medicinal techniques, sprinkled with spirituality to become the calm, practical mentor, therapist & facilitator she is now well known to be.

Aminah Jayne has a sincere passion for helping women (like you) succeed, she’s a woman of high integrity who takes her role with you seriously & is exceptionally skilled in creating safe space for you to grow where you’re planted. She is now inviting you to join her so, she can share the knowledge and experience she has gained. An amalgam of ancient healing techniques and spiritual remedies that empower her to have a career she loves, alongside being a calm and responsive mother and loving wife. 

My ethics

When you take the brave step to work through your challenges with me, I receive this trust with great honour and high integrity. It’s an incredible amanah to be trusted with vulnerabilities & feelings you’ve often never shared before. My goal is to assist you in emotional processing ⬅️ this is us working through your stuff together, as gently as you need, as fast or as slow as you’re ready to go. 

I’m happy to share with you that I am bound by a rigorous code of ethics with EFTi international, as an EFT practitioner accredited by them. Likewise if you feel you need to make a complaint about this service you can do so independently.

More info on that HERE.

About Shifa Healing Co

In 2020 it became very apparent for obvious reasons that everyone needed more support in the area of self care. Panic was at an all time high, anxiety was off the scales, many didn’t know what to do or whether they would survive.

So, initially I rolled out a pilot programme for women who wanted to try EFT to see if it helped them. The results were astoundingly high & continue to be to this day. I deliver one to one & group sessions using skilful EFT (emotional freedom techniques) & tapping therapies to help women feel better FAST.

Needless to say Shifa Healing Co is thriving women’s wellness service. We have been contracted by NHS consultants, worked with scholars of the islamic sciences, GP’s (family doctors), junior doctors (for self care), house wives, CEO’s, consultants, NLP practitioners & masters, life coaches, chaplains, CBT therapists, psychotherapists, school teachers and many more. In fact many of the above have referred patients and friends to Shifa Healing Co. 

Are you ready to take that step towards feeling better fast?

Book your one-to-one with Aminah Jayne

You matter. Your journey matters. And I believe that when your cup is full, you have more to share. I will meet you right where you’re at, truly. All you need is to be ready to explore what’s been bothering you, so you can embrace Qadr with the grace you aspire to.

During your years of motherhood and marriage, have you slowly lost track of the woman you used to be? The tools and perspectives I now share brought me back to LIFE again. I would love to help facilitate the same for you.